Superstar Tight End Travis Kelce Has a Message for UK NFL Fans

Superstar Tight End Travis Kelce Has a Message for UK NFL Fans

The stark reality of being an NFL fan in the UK is the punishing time difference between here and the United States. With the exception of the London Games and early kickoffs, NFL games often see UK fans staying up late throughout the night to enjoy all four quarters of action. This is no less relevant during the Super Bowl, and ahead of Super Bowl LVII, superstar Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce had a message for UK fans.

Speaking to Decyfr in Phoenix, ahead of Super Bowl LVII, Kelce said: “We appreciate everybody over there in the UK for tuning in at those awkward hours.”

“It’s such a blast and it’s so surreal knowing that this game is going to be everywhere all over the world.”

Recognising the UK NFL fandom ahead of the most important game of the season is a testament to Kecle’s strength of character, matched only by his strength on the gridiron, which was showcased in the iconic Super Bowl LVII matchup against his brother Jason Kelce, center for the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Ahead of the first-ever Super Bowl matchup between brothers playing on opposing teams, Travis Kelce told Decyfr that it was “a very unique situation,” before signing off with a shoutout to UK fans. 

NFL fans in the UK, and the whole world, were then treated to a classic Super Bowl, as Travis won the battle of the Kelce brothers, contributing to the Chiefs’ 38-35 win over the Eagles with six receptions for 81 yards and a touchdown. Kelce’s performance for the Chiefs once again showcased why he is regarded as one of the greatest tight ends of all time.

In 2023, Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs will be playing a regular season game in Germany. Will they be able to run it back and repeat as Super Bowl champions in the 2023 NFL season?

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